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Are you tired of looking at the little things that need to be taken care of around your home?

Pre-Sale Inspections

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Like doctors with specialties, home inspectors can see things that their customers typically cannot.  

Most of the issues we encounter during a typical inspection are a result of a homeowner’s DIY efforts, or lack thereof. Some do-it-yourself homeowners are unaware that planting vegetation too close to the exterior of the home is not good for the siding or if mulch is piled up against the foundation wall, it can lead to problems. A homeowner replaces outdated or broken outlets and the wires are reversed. Roof seepage and flooding are likely to occur if the gutters were not cleared on a regular basis or a downspout is missing.   

Today, buyers have financing organized well in advance; however, real estate transactions are still vulnerable. Many sellers are unprepared. Small details around the home are in need of repair. Some deals fall apart because of it.

What’s the solution? Every home should be pre-approved, making sure the home is in good shape before a buyer submits an offer. 


Over the last decade or so, the demand for home inspections has risen to the point where nearly every home buyer hires a professional home inspector.  More recently, sellers are hiring us, on their agent’s recommendation, to have the property pre-inspected either before or at the time it goes on the market. After all, a surprise that stalls or derails a real estate transaction hurts all parties involved. And while no home is perfect, pre-owned homes are likely to have more flaws than brand new construction. This is where a professional home inspection makes the difference. Sellers can decrease (if not eliminate) the element of surprise.  


Of all the many components and systems we inspect as a matter of course, we routinely see homes with improper drainage, sometimes due to landscaping or a grading problem. Electrical outlets and switches, probably installed by the homeowner, are wired incorrectly. We also see a number of electrical panels in need of additional circuit breakers. Other issues include mechanical problems with heating and air conditioning systems, and sometimes roof leakage and/or damage.

Although the majority of homes are free of major defects, having a long list of small, often inexpensive, repairs can deter a buyer from moving forward with the purchase. In situations where the buyer is capable of making all of the small repairs on his or her own, who wants to spend the time and money to rectify the previous owner’s neglect or incompetence?  

The real estate industry is forever changing and more responsibility is shifting to the sellers to present a marketable home in a competitive market. Our job is to inspect and report.

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