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Before You Sell Your Home

Are you tired of looking at the little things that need to be taken care of around your home?

Before You Sell Your Home

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Most real estate experts agree that money spent on upgrading kitchens and bathrooms will be returned at close to 100 percent.  When it comes to investing in your kitchen, what’s hot right now?

If you've toured a new home recently, you're already aware of the popularity of quartz and granite when it comes to countertops. Other trendy, but less common countertop materials include limestone, concrete, tile and even glass.  Even an attractive laminate countertop can brighten and clean up the look of a kitchen. Once you’ve started, keep in mind that your new countertops may shine a spotlight on dated or bruised cabinetry.  On to the next phase!

An inexpensive way to modernize your cabinets is a quick cabinet facelift.  Resurfacing cabinets can be a good option and can be done through the attaching of a thin veneer to the surface of the old cabinets. New hardware completes the look.  Painted cabinets can be repainted for a fresh, clean look.

Perhaps a little less cosmetic but often overlooked in the kitchen are faucets and sinks. The faucets shouldn't leak and your sink must be stain-free or replaced with a new one when you put your home on the market. Materials commonly used in a replacement sink include cast iron—for an old-fashioned look, enameled steel, stainless steel, porcelain, acrylic and solid-surface materials, which are popular today.  Solid surface materials are available in a variety of colors to coordinate with countertops. (They can even mimic granite and other high-end stones).

When it comes to the rest of the house, be sure to freshen up not just the walls but the ceilings too! Newly painted walls will show off your home to the best advantage.  And instead of whitewashing your ceiling, designers now suggest tinting the ceiling color to better match the walls.  If your home still sports wood-paneled walls, it's time to cover them. In today's homes, there’s no place for wood paneling, so if you've got it, paint it.  Even composite paneling can be painted. If the paneling is exceptionally dark, you will need to prime it and use several coats.

What else are you tired of looking at around your home—water stains where the roof is leaking?  If so, the time to replace the roof is sooner rather than later.

Potential buyers are turned off by a home in need of a new roof and will use this defect as a way of eliminating your home from their list. Or a potential buyer will use the roof repair as leverage when it comes to negotiations.

A home inspection can help you determine areas of your home that need attention. Once you have the inspection, you can take care of these issues and make sure you won’t receive any surprises once a buyer is interested.

Other areas to scrutinize include sidewalks, the driveway and deck. If there are cracks in the sidewalk or the wood deck shows signs of decay, you need to address these repairs. Both can be safety issues as well as unsightly. Over time, even your doorknobs and door locks begin to look worn and battered. Replace these items with contemporary materials and you'll tie together all the other repairs you've made. New locks will provide the added benefit of showcasing your home as a place of safety and security.

Sellers often remark they hate to sell their homes once they’ve made the necessary repairs and improvements that were neglected over the years.  Once the home maintenance and remodeling is complete, your home will be ready to occupy—whether by the new owners or the ones who no longer want to move!

If you’re tired of your flowered wall-paper, you can bet potential buyers will be too!  Even if you still admire those flowers, when the time comes to sell your home, it's best to rent a steamer and peel it off.  Light paint colors are your best option to make the home look large and bright. 


And what about the kitchen floor? Again, if the floor looks decidedly dated, in disrepair or stained, it needs a makeover. Tile, laminates and wood all work in kitchens. Bamboo has become one of the trendy choices in kitchens as well.

Bamboo floors are also popular in bathrooms because they can stand up to moisture. What other flooring material will work in your bathroom? You have a lot to choose from. Bathroom floors are being installed using traditional materials, such as ceramic tile and stone, as well as more unconventional materials including mosaic tiles and even concrete.  As in the kitchen, most bathroom improvements will return almost 100 percent of their value, so take a good look at the condition of your sink and tub.  If they need replacing, do it.  And remember to pay attention to bathroom lighting.  A new fixture will complement the improvements you make.

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